Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bloggers Block

So I'm having a little bloggers block lately...I'm not sure I want to post next! :)  While I think about it, I searched through my phone for any interesting pictures I could find.  Enjoy:

[Beautiful Baby Nora]

[My dad found a beagle, who he liked to call Charlie for some reason, that followed him around all day and wouldn't stop licking his face...soul mates...]

[Queen Bee Evelyn...lounging ever so comfortably at my parents house.]

[Huge rose Bubba picked for me a while back to cheer me up, it worked!]

[My stylish little wal*mart witches hat, before Cathy's "Witches Brew" party]

[Waiting for the ice to defrost off my car and caught the most blazing red sunrise in my mirror]


  1. awww i never saw this one...cuteness overload

  2. Yeah, I love how laid back Eve is...she is such a sweet pup :)