Monday, January 10, 2011

Hunter for a Day...

My husband and I have somewhat of a rivalry between us when it comes to our "home turf".  I pride myself on being the daughter of a waterman from the best area in the county, the 7th district.  Bubba is the self proclaimed "Prince of Mechanicsville", descending from a long line of land workers, aka farmers.  We wear rubber boots, they wear well-worn jeans and layers of camouflage.  We know how to bait and cull a crab pot, they know how to plow a field and plant anything you could ever want.

There are obvious differences between our two backgrounds, and we love to tease each other about both.  But we also like to trade off every once in a while and get a taste of how the other was raised.  Recently, it was my turn to live like a farmer from Mechanicsville.  In fact, my Dad, the waterman that he is, even joined in on the fun. 

You see, my husband and his father have beagles.  Lots of beagles.  And they are some of the best trained rabbit hunting beagles you will find in St. Mary's County.  Trust me, it's not just in the breed, Bubba and his dad (more his Dad I think...) have worked very hard to train these cute little pups to sniff out a rabbit trail no matter where they are.  Sometimes it seems like they're speaking another language when trying to help the dogs stay on the trail or to jump the rabbit out of the brush.

I've never shot anything in my life besides alcohol, so for me going rabbit hunting is more of an on-looker type deal.  But none-the-less it's very fun and amazing to see how these little beagles talk to each other and stay on the trail of a rabbit until someone finally tracks it down and shoots it.  (Even if it takes a few shots as it did during this specific trip)  And don't worry, it's not just a game, they actually eat everything they kill and if they don't, they give it to some of the Amish friends...yes, I just said Amish friends.

So if you're looking for some good old "county fun" call up a friend who hunts and tag along.  It's definitely not something I ever thought I'd do, but it's good exercise and it gives you a real taste of the county.  Don't know any rabbit hunters?  Let me know, because these Hill boys are obsessed with rabbit hunting and can almost guarantee you a rabbit or two no matter where you go.

[My grandfather and I before rabbit hunting, don't let the gun fool you, I'm not the shooting type.]

[Heading out to the woods and fields for our hunt...Like I said above, we wear rubber boots.  Mine happen to be pink and fabulous!]

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