Sunday, January 16, 2011

Projects Galore

First I'd like to state that I'm blogging from my mothers iPad. As much as we tease her about being obsessed with this thing I have to admit that I'm pretty jealous. Technology has truly out-done itself with this one.

As our house buying process is (very) slowly coming to an end and we are preparing for settlement, we've decided to start a few of our small projects. Numero Uno? The master bedroom. Ok, so it's a little hard to call it master since all the bedrooms are fairly small with limited closet space, but with the unbelievably gorgeous view of the sunrise and the river we declared this our master bedroom...for now. (we are going to add on to our cozy cottage one day when we need more room, and have more money)

We received the most beautiful Ralph Lauren comforter from my brother and his girlfriend as a wedding gift, and we bought ourselves a new bed for Christmas so we decided we were going to go all the way and upgrade our bedroom. Who would have ever thought I'd get so excited about paint chips? Well, I am. And I think I've found the perfect one for our walls. Once we've redone our closets anyway, which is next on the list. For now I'm happy with my yellow accent piece chest, newly hung light fixtures and deep blue beautiful comforter. Don't worry, I think I'm going to get some before pictures once I pull myself off of this iPad so I can compare later done the road.

Now, back to this crazy addicting game called Angry Birds...

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  1. I am obsessed with Angry Birds...Mark and I would compete on our phones...while we were laying in bed next to one another!!! LOL