Tuesday, May 19, 2009


It's mid-way through May, and it's time for some changes. First, the weather needs to change...I'm ready for summer. It's hard to look out your window and see the sun shining, only to walk outside and discover that the high is only going to be 63 despite that beautiful sun. It's supposed to start warming up soon, I am just being impatient because, "I WANT IT NOOOOWWW". Any guesses as to what that quote is from? I'll give you a quarter if you're right!

Anyway-back to changes-the second change that will be taking place soon is my hair color. Though I was "blessed" with my fathers lovely lackluster blackish-brown locks along with my mothers thickness and tendency to "poof", I've been changing my hair color since 10th grade. With lighter hair as a child, my skin tone and eye color, I typically stick to the blonde highlights. Recently, over the past year I decided to mix it up a bit, going back to something close to my natural color with some auburn and golden highlights. Pretty, low-maintenance and very nice for the winter months, but like I said, I'm ready for summer so that means back to blonde! I've never been a full blonde before really...the closest I got was probably my senior year of high school when I was so paranoid my roots were showing that I was getting my highlights touched up every 3-4 weeks religiously. But this time I'm taking the plunge, I'm going all blonde! (with some highlights and dimension of course too) This is what I'm going for:

[Cross your fingers, because I've already made up my mind and there's no turning back now!]

This next "bloggery item" isn't anything I really want to change, but is an inevitable change that takes place everyday. The cutest little boy in the world, Jakey, is turning 1 in a few weeks! He changes every time I see him. (I didn't think it was possible for him to get any cuter or sweeter, but does every visit he makes to SMC) So to document and celebrate his 1st birthday, Bubba and I have decided to hire a photographer and let the Smith's have a family portrait day. We want to go with Melissa Barrick Photography, she takes awesome pictures, so if you ever need a photographer, check her out!

"Nothing endures but change" - Heraclitus


  1. Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka? I want that quarter! lol

  2. haha, i should have known you'd get it!! What was I thinking...you are the QUEEN of trivia!