Thursday, May 14, 2009

Welcome Home...

As you've seen in some previous blogs, I've been getting pretty into the whole gardening scene around the house here lately. I've worked hard on the front of the house, and am ready to tackle the right side, aka the grassy disaster. It's over grown, and hard to tell where the grass stops and the flower beds start, so I've made it my mission to clean it up and get it looking healthy again. Now to the point of my little blog posting I am coming down the road in front of my beautiful homestead, I glance over to admire the newly planted flowers in the front yard when I noticed something NOT so small lounging in the beds of grassy disaster. So I pull into the driveway, sneak up to the back door and peek around the corner and this is what I saw:

Ok, well maybe this is an exaggeration, BUT I certainly did see one of the largest groundhogs I've ever come across furrowing in the grass and soaking up the afternoon sun. And when I snuck up behind him, he was moving and grooving like he was singing the Caddyshack song in his head, it was hilarious! When I went to get my camera out to document this ridiculous performance, he heard me and scurried off. I was a little annoyed at this dancing fool because I have a sneaky suspicion he is the culprit who ate my newly potted flowers in the backyard, however it was hard not to laugh at him as he was getting down like he didn't have a care in the world.

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