Thursday, May 21, 2009

What is "Point Breeze Palaver"?

It is a culmination of beauty, relaxation and comfort. Technically, palaver means: "a conference or discussion" and point breeze is a road located in Southern Maryland that is rich with culture and history. Point Breeze Palaver is meant to be a collection of thoughts that will spark conversation. With all of the natural beauty on Point Breeze road, many different topics and thoughts are likely to come up.

Anyone lucky enough to live in Colton's Point can understand the inspiration and feeling you get just gazing around the neighborhood. If only the walls of the aged cottages could speak, we'd gain more insight to the lifestyles of those Point residents that proceeded us. Everything about this place amazes me. The beautiful flowers, homes, residents, animals, sunrises - I could go on forever.

This beautiful and inspirational place is home to many different kinds of people. Many are lifelong "Pointers" who grew up here and now have their own families, you have those who own summer homes here to escape the fast-paced life of the city, and then you also have young couples who are fascinated by the beauty and peace of this place.

So when you think of "Point Breeze Palaver" don't think of gossip, materialistic or senseless things, think of a place that is so lovely and calm that you are inspired to be a better and more pleasant person.

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