Saturday, May 9, 2009

Throw Back

Today was most definitely a "Throw Back Saturday" complete with yard sales, gardening and ice-cream! Marci and I joined my mom and grandma on their yard sale-ing escapades this morning and actually ended up driving away with some pretty great deals...As uncomfortable and awkward as all of the haggling and digging through other peoples belongings makes me feel, I guess that old saying, "One mans trash is another mans treasure," is still true. I mean, where else can you find a gently used Pottery Barn coffee table for $40? Despite the unusually hot and humid weather this morning, we all had a really nice time.

Next stop - Green Acres Nursery, Loveville -
Apparently every year on mothers day weekend my mom and grandma go to Green Acres Nursery and stock up on all of their favorite flowers. I decided to join in the fun this year since Bubba and I have our own place and want to spruce it up a bit. Living on the point, most peoples main focus isn't their flower garden, it's the view of the water, but I still thought out flower beds and pots could use a little color. So tagging along I discovered that 1.) Green Acres has about every flower you could ever dream of, and 2) Gardening isn't really all that bad. I love being outside, but I've never had the patience for pulling weeds, watering plants every day, just the whole process in general. However, now that I actually know the proper way to go about doing these things and the fact that our yard isn't terribly large, I actually enjoyed mixing and matching the colors how I wanted them and learning about the different needs of different flowers. Of course, I couldn't have done any of this without my mom and grandma, so to Nan and my Momma: Thank you a thousand times over!

Once we started wrapping up the gardening for the evening, we were lucky enough to catch this beautiful sky. I love Colton's Point! Enjoy...

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