Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Thanksgiving Ten

Still counting down to Thanksgiving Day and something I am thankful for along the way.


Today I am thankful for something very simple, but so comforting.  My bed.  My dear old bed has been around since I was in college, and it's been through the ringer.  Two different Towson apartments, back home to Bushwood, and now it resides in our peaceful cottage here in Coltons Point.  I'm thankful for it because it's been a very long day, and we all know that nothing feels better than a comfy bed.  Right now it's topped off with the beautiful quilt I received as a wedding gift from Bubba's grandmother.  A perfect combination for a relaxing and soothing evening.

Not the longest or most exciting thing to be thankful for, but I believe that everyone deserves a good bed.  One that will comfort them in times of confusion, warm them after a long hard winter day, or just serve as a personal escape from reality, even if it is only for a few short hours...

Now if you'll excuse me, something is calling my name...Goodnight :)

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