Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Thanksgiving Ten

The Thanksgiving Ten on the 18th day of November.


The weather is certainly a sign of the times.  Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  I love thanksgiving because it's a chance for families to come together and spend time around the dinner table, something that is very rare these days.  Too many families rely on fast food meals on the go and don't get that quality, uninterrupted time with each other that is so important.

I'm not real sure if this qualifies as something that I can be thankful for, but I'm going to try and make it work.  Today I am thankful for family values.  Some people still have them, others not so much.  But for the ones who do, I truly appreciate your attempts to keep some class and old school values in the lives of your families.  No matter how busy we were, how much homework we had, or who was fighting with who, my family always made time for dinner together.  No TV, no radio, and no silence.  We'd talk about our day and upcoming events, nothing fancy.  But it was so important.  My parents knew what we were interested in, what we hated, and who we were friends with that week.  Just enough to be involved yet not overbearing.

So thank you to all of the people out there who appreciate the effort it takes to have a family meal together and understand its invaluable rewards.  Family values appear to becoming a thing of the past, but not in this household!

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