Friday, November 19, 2010

The Thanksgiving Ten


I am about to get pretty ‘deep’ people, so bare with me…

Six days away from Thanksgiving, and today I am thankful for God. Seems backwards, since typically when you give thanks you are giving it to Him, but whatever I’m still thankful for the Big Guy today. When I think about the things I love and cherish most, they are all gifts from God. Each time I see a breathtaking sunrise or a tree with its leaves so bright and plentiful, I stop and try to capture that moment, exactly as it is and preserve it with my camera. Just recently though I started thinking about how I wouldn’t have anything to photograph if it weren’t for Him. God creates so many beautiful moments, whether they are in nature or an act of love someone shares with another.

Even though I don’t make it to Church every Sunday, I am still so thankful that I have a God to believe in and that he continues to bless us each and every day through the air we breathe, the beautiful landscapes surrounding us and the people we love.

[Just a few shots of what God has blessed me with.  My beautiful family, the prettiest land in St. Mary's County and my adoring husband!]

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