Tuesday, November 15, 2011

15. There's Still Time for You.

Today I am thankful for my husbands sense of humor and acceptance. After an incredibly long, hard day at work we met up with my parents and sister for a quick meal at the local Mexican Restaurant, Salsas.  (Salsas is something else I'm super thankful for, but I thought I'd look like a totally fatty if I dedicated a thankful post to just that...) Once we finally made it home, the fried ice cream must have gone to our heads.  And when I say "our" heads, I mean mine.  Play fighting is most definitely a learned behavior I got from my Dad.  For some reason, while we were growing up, we'd always pretend to box each other in the kitchen with light taps of course, but it drove my mother absolutely insane.  I'm not sure what came over me, but for some reason I put my dukes up and egged Bubba on.  It was either the sugar high or an extreme state of tired, I'm not sure which, but I turned into a straight goof.  I'll spare myself the embarrassing details, but I pretty much killed a half hour of our evening play fighting, laughing, and chasing him around the house.

When moments like this happen I always think to myself, "Thank God I found Bubba, because I'm not sure any other normal human being out there could tolerate me right now." He plays along, participates, and laughs.  He actually laughs and doesn't think I'm some major freak or geek. So thank you, Bubba, for accepting me and having such a great sense of humor. For this, I love you...and a couple other reasons.

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