Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 10.

"You are what you read."

The company I work for, Spalding Consulting, Inc. sent my co-worker and I to a PRISM (Public Relations Individuals of Southern Maryland) workshop today.  And this short, but incredibly true quote is just one of the things I learned about public relations and marketing.  Granted, I did receive my bachelors degree from Towson University in Mass Communications, specifically tracking in Public Relations and Advertising so I'd heard the majority of the content before, but it never hurts to have a refresher.  Especially in such a technologically advanced world.  It was brought to my attention that during my freshman year of college, 2004-2005, I didn't have a facebook account yet because it was set up to where only certain Colleges and  Universities had networks.  When I transferred to Towson in 2005 was the first time I learned about facebook and even registered my account.  Back then it was mainly used for interacting with other students in my class or groups.  Now, about six years later, everyone and their mother (literally) has a facebook account and used by these folks on a daily basis.  Social networking has EXPLODED and I'm still on the fence about whether or not that is a good thing...

Anyway, I heard this quote, "You are what you read," today during the workshop and it hit home for me.  Reading is critical to the development of children and adults a like.  The more you read and educate yourself about the world you live in, the more doors will open for you.  Today I am thankful that I had a mother that encouraged reading my entire life, and still does.  Without her promoting books, magazines, articles, newspapers, or anything else that we could get our hands on, I probably wouldn't be the writer and reader that I am today.

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  1. Books, Books, Wonderful Books! There is a reason you 3 children have always received a book from me for Christmas! Books are the gifts that keep on giving, with thoughts, new ideas, inspiration, enlightenment, and connection to other people and places. Keep on reading my dear Mindy Girl!