Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 6.

Thank God for Sundays, otherwise I'm not so sure my house would ever be clean.  Today, as a team, we tackled our weekly chores to the best of our abilities.  We power-washed the house (and our neighbors patio), cut the grass, hung some shelves in the bedroom, vacuumed, cleaned the hardwood floors, tackled a few loads of laundry, and then made our way to my parents house to help them with a few renovations they've been working on.  Today I am thankful for Sundays.

While I was moving the furniture off the porch so Bubba could get to the porch with the power-washer a rather large bird caught my eye at the end of our pier.  I'm used to have the hundreds of seagulls gawking at me in the mornings, but something seemed a little different about this bird.  So I grabbed my zoom lens and went to investigate.  Now I can't be positive, but I'm pretty sure what we had on our hands was a brown pelican. Please excuse the blown-out quality of the photos, but the angle of the sun made it hard to get a decent shot.  Oh, and did I mentioned there were two?  One larger bird at the end of our pier, and a smaller more reserved pelican that wasn't in the mood to move in any way, shape or form to the left of our pier.

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