Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day Two, Thank You

Today I am thankful for someone that I have loved for many, many years.  She was by my side from middle school all the way through college.  Who am I kidding, she's hanging out in my kitchen right now. Yep, it's this little lady:

Photo stolen from the lovely ladies of HelloGiggles.

Hello Kitty!  I fell in love with her the moment I discovered the Sanrio store at the mall in Waldorf many years ago.  I even carried a Hello Kitty lunch box all through high school back when cutesy, character bags, purses, and lunch boxes weren't trendy.  And I just couldn't say goodbye when I got to college; there wasn't a semester that went by that Miss Kitty didn't grace the cover of one of my folders or notebooks.  Fairly consistently my sister buys me some kind of Hello Kitty paraphernalia for Christmas, and goodness knows I can't walk by a display of Hello Kitty goodies in a store without caving for at least something.

Thank you Sanrio and Hello Kitty for your adorable merchandise, I love you <3

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