Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Finding Hope

I came across this beautiful quote and photo today on Pinterest, and I couldn't help but share it here on my blog.  "Let your hope make you glad. Be patient in time of trouble & never stop praying." What powerful and true words. I am not an overly religious person, however I do believe in God and I feel that the power of prayer can move mountains. Figuratively, of course.

Earlier today I thought to myself, "What is happening to my family, why is so much falling apart?" And then I saw this quote and realized that instead of questioning God and the things that are happening in my life, I should be praying for guidance and advice, practicing patience during these turbulent times, and holding on to hope to help make it through each day.

Though I may not "practice" my faith as I much as I used to, or as much as some would like, I am beginning to realize how important it truly is in my life.

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