Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Photo of the Day - God's Brush

This past Sunday, my family lost one of its pillars.  My dear Great-Grandmother, Granny, passed away at the incredible age of 93.  Witty, loving, and full of spunk, Granny never changed in the 25 years I was lucky enough to spend with her.  It hit me really hard yesterday, realizing how much I will truly miss her. Granny's life was never easy, but you never heard her complain about it either.  To give you an idea of what a strong woman she was, here is just one example; She gave birth to nine children, the fourth being my grandmother who was a whopping 10lbs.

As far back as I can remember, Granny has been in the picture.  She was always tending to her plants and flowers, reorganizing her living spaces, going on her daily walks, laughing at stories from the past, and ALWAYS telling it like it was. Granny really was the picture of health, until about 5 years ago when she started battling problems with her pancreas. Doctors will tell you, there aren't many other illnesses as painful as pancreatitis.  She was strong, and even managed to fight through a staph infection, only to be overcome a year or so later with severe pancreas pain again.  As sad as I am to see my sweet Granny go, I take comfort in the fact that I know she is no longer in pain.  I love you Granny, and will miss you everyday!

1.18.12 - Photo of the Day

Blustery Bliss.
They say that the sky is God's canvas; Tonight he painted a beauty, welcoming Granny home.

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  1. Tears in my eyes. What nice words you have written, and a photo of heaven greeting dear Granny.