Thursday, January 26, 2012

Photo of the Day - Young Republican

Today I am so proud and happy for my younger brother, Tyler, who is enjoying every minute of being a political science major at the University of North Florida.  The boy has been talking politics since I can remember, and is now truly in all his glory as the Republican presidential debate rolled into his University today. Thank you for knowing your stuff, Ty, because there are so many Americans, young and old, that are easily swayed by the mass media...I would know, I have a degree in Mass Communications. You are a great example to any and all looking to get involved with politics, way to go and keep up the hard work!

1.26.12 - Photo of the Day

My brother, Tyler, sporting his Newt button, along with his fellow young Republicans working hard to support Newt Gingrich today at the University of North Florida.

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