Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Photo of the Day

Today was my first day back to work in 10 days and what a day it was.  Five measly hours of sleep, followed by 9 long hours of work, frigid temperatures outside, 2 etsy items packaged and ready to send, and 2 hours on a special dresser project in the garage makes for one tired Mindle. 

1.3.12 Photo of the Day

Today's photo was a quickie, but one that tells a little bit of a "Now and Then" type story.  You see, these are my moccasins. The large, furry ones keep my feet warm in the present day, while the tiny white ones never left my toes as a baby.  My mom was doing some cleaning and found these precious little booties that she claims I learned to walk in.  She said the material molded to my feet and I just LOVED them. If you could see them in person you'd be able to tell I wore them for as long as I possibly could. The lighting is pretty yellow in this picture, but I still like the meaning behind it.

Happy Tuesday! <3

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