Friday, January 27, 2012

Photo of the Day - Traditions

In a surprising move, the hubs asked if I wanted to spend a little time together since we were both off work today, instead of him going to the farm.  Of course, my first thought was that it was a trap and he was only offering because he wanted something.  However, to my surprise and delight, he really did just want to spend some time together. The shock kept coming once we were in the car and he says, "Want to go in that new Lola Belle store? Maybe we can go to that one place in Loveville too."

Again, what the hell has come over him, and what has he broken, committed us to, or wants to do...

"Yeah I like those kinds of places, I like the old kind of stuff they have."

Well, I'll be...

1.27.12 - Photo of the Day 

Traditions of Loveville was filled with gorgeous things, and a lot were on sale, but this was the only thing I found in our price range today. A lovely set of 1950's style tea towels, perfect for our kitchen.

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